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We’re here for you and can schedule an appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the office is not open, we can refer you to one of our on call Doctors at your nearby hospital.

Same Day Appointments

We’re available 7 days a week and have specific office hours with all doctors on staff. Outside of normal office hours you can receive an on call Doctor or Nurse at your nearby hospital if needed.



Jumpstart Your Recovery with Immediate Access to Patient Forms

Congratulations! The first decision to get help for an addiction is often the most difficult. The fact that you are here indicates you are ready to reclaim your life.

The more you know, the more comfortable you will be. We find that patients who know what to expect are able to lower the stress that often comes with the unknown.

If you're still unsure whether you or someone you know has an addiction problem, Click Here.

  1.  Download and print our New Patient Packet. If you aren’t able to print at home, stop by our center at 4889 Sinclair Rd, Suite 111, Columbus, OH 43229 and we will provide the forms to you.
  2.  Once we receive your completed forms, you’ll be scheduled to meet with one of our certified drug and alcohol counselors
  3.  During your comprehensive review process, we’ll identify: - the phase and type of addiction - other current mental or physical health issues - if medically assisted support to ease withdrawal is beneficial with Suboxone or Vivitrol - family or other support members who could benefit from our counseling
  4.  Meet with one of our board-certified doctors who will outline your Individual Comprehensive Addiction Plan (iCAP™). The iCAP is customized based on your unique needs and goals. By design, it gives you the             highest level of success in managing your addiction



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