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Ideal Outpatient Treatment

Addiction Angels of America is ideal for anyone seeking outpatient treatment by some of the nation’s top addiction physicians. Thousands of patients have regained their health and happiness, we can do the same for you

Treatment Team

Certified & Experienced

Our exceptional treatment team is led by doctors who represent an exclusive 1 percent of all practicing doctors in the U.S.

For anyone who is dedicated to getting well, it is important to understand the type of addiction training and certification held by their doctor. For more information about our experts, click below.

Meet the team

Treating the Root Cause

Not Just the Symptoms

Addiction Angels founder Dr. Roger Garcia worked as an emergency room doctor for 25 years where he saw all phases and types of addiction. Patients repeatedly returned to the ER, often without significant improvement. Seeing the pattern and devastation of addiction firsthand, he was inspired to build the most effective treatment program in central Ohio that would interrupt the cycle of addiction and address the root cause.

What began as a well-constructed idea has now become Addiction Angels of America, one of central Ohio’s fastest growing outpatient addiction practices.

Maria’s Story

I was an addict with no car, house, job, or any kind of stability for myself or kids. In 2010 my life changed drastically as I became addicted to opiates. I became so depressed I never left my house.

Since coming to Addiction Angels of America, I now have a great job, my own house, car & stability for my girls. Even more important, I am proud to say I have been clean & sober, I know without a doubt without Angels of America I wouldn’t have come this far.

I thank God everyday for the gift of my new life. The road to recovery may be bumpy but sometimes you just have to buckle up. I finally got my smile back! Thanks to Addiction Angels of America.